by The Annihilated

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released January 3, 2020

Bobby - Vocals
Jon - Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Nicky - Drums

Recorded by Jonah Falco 16-12-19
London, UK
Art by Nicky Rat


all rights reserved



The Annihilated London, UK

Bobby - Vocals
Jon - Guitar
Ryan - Bass
Nicky - Drums

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Track Name: Never
Maybe you don’t know
Maybe you're just low
Just stick your fingers in your ears and soon you'll fucking go

You'll soon understand the consequences
Of giving the smallest ground to the fascists
They take and take and take and they never fuckin stop
And now your back's up against the wall

Well, I say never
Never again
Track Name: Push Me Around / Abuse of Power
Push Me Around

All you do is push me around
All you do is push me around
All you wanna do fight
I know it's me who's in the right

All you do is give me shit
Won't go away, get used to it
I'll get mine back like a rabid hound
One of these days, pound for pound

All you do is push me around
Shove me to the fucking ground
Kick me down, spit in my face
You're the fucking disgrace

Abuse of Power

Disturbing the peace
Another youth deceased
Shot by the police
The tensions increase

Anyone in your way
Is nothing more than dead meat
And then you wonder why
There's rioting in the streets

Red, blue, white, abuse of power
Where's our rights? Abuse of power
Ignore our plight, abuse of power
Got to fight the abuse of power

They think we don't belong
They don't care what's right or wrong
Abuse has gone on far too long
Here's what I gotta say

We're millions fuckin strong
And we all sing the same song
Their judgement day will come along
Their game, we will not play
Track Name: National Anthem
Live your life in constant dread
Of the menace in your head

People of different races are just human scum to you
You never want to listen to a different point of view
Who is right? Who is wrong? Who are you to judge?
On your bigoted convictions, you will never budge

You can't fucking see

Ignorance is sweet bliss
Reprogrammed by right-wing shit

Ignorance is sweet bliss
Track Name: Killing Me
Don't look at me
There's hatred in my eyes
Don't wanna step out and see
The world that I despise

Everything in my life
Killing me, killing me

Everything I try, I never succeed
And everyone I meet turn their backs on me
I'm sick of being led on
Just set me free

I'm killing me
Track Name: Body Count
Young and dumb and full of shit
Killing for the fun of it
No real motives for my crimes
Just something to pass the time

Murder for it's sake
Make no mistake
You'll meet your fate
Body count, body count
Mentality unfit
Couldn't give a shit
Just turn away
And before you know it
You're dead

My killings don't discriminate
My murders never stop
You're asking questions for far too long
Now the blood is gonna drop

Public execution
Lined up against the wall
Broadcast to the nation
You're all gonna see me fucking fall

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